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a really honest girl who tries their best to love others. she gets frusterated sometimes when people can't accept her love, but she just keeps on lovinnnnng because thats what mary lyns do.
mary lyn is so nice. she always has her arms wide open for a great big hug.
by lawlzgurl123 December 30, 2010
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Marylyn's are true indiviuals. There really are no two alike. Loving life and laughter and excelling at all things to do with relationships. Marylyns are not Marilyns. They are dark and mysterious with eyes that draw you in.
One Marylyn will laugh at you. Another Marylyn will laugh with you. But both Marylyn's will love you.
by blueitis February 03, 2010
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She is artistic, talented, creative, beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, caring, strong, gentle and perfect but she is mahiyahin sometimes. She does not think of herself as amazing but everybody around her can see it. She is perfect in every way but does not realize it. She is loved and cannot be forgotten.
Mary Lyn is so perfect !
by Jswang June 25, 2017
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a fat, ugly, pug-faced bitch that starts untrue rumors about people for attention.
marylyn is so fake! i mean look at her fried hair! she wears way too much makeup...poser
by cupcakesrule June 13, 2010
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