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A beautiful woman inside and out. She has many talents, and pretty much good at everything she does. She is very loved, but a lot of people hate on her because she's so amazing. She loves both music and drawing and she's amazing at both. She's super cute, and has tons of swag. She has major confidence and extremely observent. She is super caring and would end up doing anything for the one they love, but don't confuse her as a dumb ass. She gets good grades and is hilarious.
Person 1: Look it's Marlynn!
Person 2: I wish I had her swag..
Person 3: Dude, she's good at everything.
Person 4: Have you seen her draw?!
by nsishot December 09, 2012
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A very odd girl that likes to do extraordinary things and has a fetish for extremely depressed men. A Marlynn always loses at the burping game and is always the one to have to make a sex noise. Any Marlynn is a unique person who usually has dark hair and green eyes.
Dude, that girl is such a Marlynn--I would soo tap that!
by CORDOOR#^ May 28, 2011
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