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A beautiful, intelligent, queen that knows her worth and won't let anyone walk all over her.She can be petty at times but its for a reason. She is a loyal and faithful woman who will treasure you and take good care of you. She's a lady in the streets and a freak in the streets if you know what I mean. She can be intimidating at times but she's a friendly person who likes to have fun and get litt. Doesn't listen to people when they tell her what to do and learns from her own mistakes. She's a boss and do sent take no for an answer.
Marlonna is Bae asf.

That girl Marlonna will change your life!

Marlonna will beat your ass if she has to.

A great friend to talk to would be Marlonna.

Marlonna is wifey material.
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by MarsTheMartian March 13, 2017
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The most beautiful immaculate young woman that ever walked the Land called earth when she walkes through a crowed she makes necks Snap"!,Crackel"! & Pop she's loyal and she can hold a man down like a gravity holds my wrinkles if I were to marry someone I'll Mary Marlonna/etc..the best person I been with since February,26 2017. AkA wifey material,
Random nigga :Damn I wish I had a chance to really talk to this girl. Swoosh"...
Marlonna: sorry I'm already married boo"
by Charlie pooh June 08, 2017
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