A place where kids from all towns come to get hot girls snapchats and maybe hook up with someone while your there.
Brandon: Where should we go to find girls?
Nick: Market street
by Cat dog July 30, 2017
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an alternative method of blowing your nose whereby you hold one nostril, and force air out of the other nostril -- notably you do not use a tissue or hankercheif.

market street, i believe, is a somewhat nasty street in Newark NJ.
"i was out hiking, and my alergies were bothering me, being without tissues, i pulled a market street torpedo right off the trail"

"i've seen steve-o launch a few market street torpedos on wild boys"
by protocoldroid June 22, 2004
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A lie told by a dope boy ,friend,cuz hell anyone to make you think they are near by you
Hey yo,we almost dare we on market street, laughing usly in back ground cause that fool is in a far away place or near by and aint comin till they feel like it
by Cindie lou May 5, 2019
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