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Marist Mafia was founded by two young men whose lives have been corrupted by drugs, extortion, and other organised crime. These two men are infamous all over the world, particually in Mediteranian countries such as Italy and Sicily. These two men go by the names of Roboito© and Santino©.

Both of these Mafia Dons© have not only inherited a vast amount of financial inferstructure, but they have also added to it to a fairly large extent (with the money that they aquire from organised crime).

These 2 Godfathers© have ways of dealing with people that you couldn't even dream of. They wouldn't just wack you, they would do something far more traditional. First, they would panty raid you. Then, they would spit roast you. And finally, they would put you on the block. These are all unsavoury acts which are best not to even be thought about.

Roboito© and Santino© tend to work alone when it comes to the business part of Marist Mafia dealings. However, they have millions of worldwide associates. For example: in the South West Pacific they have connections and colleagues who go by the name of DOS disciple of sniffa LTB, 565, SCAT SOLDIERS, PANTY RAID AUTHENTIC and many more.

These two founders of the Marist Mafia have also founded another world famous institute which is run by an associate of Roboito© and Santino©. However this associates name is confidential. This institute is called M.M.D.B.C which stands for MARIST MAFIA DRIVE BY COMMITTEE©. The Committee uses a range of guns from AK's to Berettas to Glocks to Fo Fo's.

So as you can see, the Marist Mafia is a worldwide organisation who has a reputation for organised crime, drugs and extortion throughout the world.

A few words of wisdom...
Don't fuck with the Marist Mafia.
Marist Mafia says: "Ayo Franky! You come round here one more time, I'm gonna have to wack ya! KA-PEESH?

Franky says: "No, please Roboito© and Santino©!! I'll do anything! Why would you even dream of touching me anyway"?

Marist Mafia says: "Because I do what i wanna do ya know! SMOKE 'EM!
by LTB565 January 10, 2005
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