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M.M.D.B.C stands for Marist Mafia Drive By Committee and consists of gangsters and pimps from across the globe. A few of these gangsters and/or pimps are...
- Santino
- Roboito
- Narik69
- Seantonio

We be the infamous ya heard of us, official drive by murderers. Don't fuck wit' the realest thugs up in dis mofukkurrrrr!
Bearman says: "Dayum Thorny did you see those classy mobsters doin' their thang outside the bank lastnight"?

Thorny says: "Yea fool I saw dat. Dat was the most infamous posse alive! Anyone who tries to fuck wit' them ends up dead; they go my the name of M.M.D.B.C"!
by LTB565 January 10, 2005
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