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Someone who screwed over other female sprinters who played by the rules who tried to get on the U. S. 2000 and 2004 Olympic teams by using the clear in an attempt to win five gold medals. She also holds Belizean citizenship and could very easily have attempted to win only one medal for Belize without needing to dope. She not only screwed over female American 100m and 200m sprinters and long jumpers who played by the rules, but also all of the other women on the U. S. 4X100m and 4X400m relays who also had to surrender their bronze and gold medals, respectively, none of them having juiced. After having lost all her money and endorsements and having committed check fraud, it is unclear how she will be able to get even a job at McDonald's handing out fries, since McDonald's sponsors the U. S. Olympic Team. Verb: To obtain by cheating large amounts of assets and prestige as an athlete, only to lose it all in a series of scandals and crime.
If I were either of Marion Jones' two sons, I would refuse to celebrate Mother's Day, given that everyone would know what Mom had done.
by terrible jogger January 12, 2009
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