Like a... uh Canadian SeaWorld. Their funnel cake suck wee wee though. Their slogan is “everyone loves MarineLand!”
Big John: I’m going to MarineLand!
Bob: Everyone loves MarineLand!
Big John: Get out of my house
by Original Name I Guess October 16, 2018
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1. a place in the USA where marines train and do landing exercises. A training ground for united states marines. It is a popular tourist destination for people wanting to see some of the country's soldiers in action.
guy: hey, lets go to our local marineland and watch some marines shoot stuff!
guy 2: yeah, and maybe we could buy some souvenirs
by December 26, 2018
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1. Something that most people cannot possibly understand. It's a never ending fight and the odds are always stacked against you. In turn, this creates tremendous frustrations. Even though these people will never give up, they do get tired and come to the realization at some point that they need a break.

2. Once these people take a short lived break, they fire back to fight for those animals who they know, without a doubt, need them.
"Leave her alone. She's suffering from Marineland Fatigue. She'll be better soon."

"Marineland Fatigue is a temporary condition that is necessary to endure if you want to fight productively for the animals there"
by Thumper Duck June 02, 2016
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