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Marielena is a complex, beautiful and rare individual whose personality is complex and seemingly, at times, contradictory. at her core, Marielena is a powerful, independent individual, yet she forms deep bonds with a lucky few who she comes to trust. she is undeniably hot and may attract many men, but she seeks a meaningful relationship with someone who truly understands her. she holds high the values of trust, honesty and dedication. Marielena is at times playful and just a bit sexy, but more often would just prefer to cuddle. she is a women of many talents, especially ones relating to channeled emotions such as art in various forms, music and writing. she is open and accepting of many types of people, especially others who enjoy music and reading as much as she does. for all her strength and purity, Marielena often struggles with a perceived failing or sin. she is a highly sought after friend and soulmate alike, but she often fails to realize her true potential. despite her lack of self faith, she is still a strong willed individual, whether it be standing up to injustice, or claiming a lesser but loving man as hers rather than the other way around. to those who do not know her well, she may seem reserved and just a bit shy, but this is turned on end if you truly get to know her.
Marielena is good at helping those in need. from some individuals lucky enough to receive her aid, she may earn the nickname saint or angel.
by delta-7 November 09, 2014
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A beast, someone so awesome that everyone around her knows it. Unique name for a unique person. Funny and a really great person. Comes from the two names Mari and Elena put together to make one awesome name.
Marielena is a beast, she's so awesome the only word to describe her is with beast.
by awsmness September 30, 2011
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