the best friend you can ever have...they are hott and can always go to them if you ever need anything...and the best girlfriend anyone can ever have.
My best friend is marguerite
by lucky13294 December 02, 2009
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The baddest bitch you will ever meet. She is drop dead GORGEOUS. When you meet her its like its in a movie; time stops and you know she’s the one. She is creative, SUPER THICK, gives great advice, and is probably the love of your life. It you know a Marguerite, make her yours and never let her go. She will one day be the mother of your children, and believe me those kids will be beautiful looking since she is the mother. Trust me - this bitch is bad and beautiful.
Guy 1: Have you met that girl Marguerite over there?

Guy 2: Have I? Hell yeah, the baddest bitch Ive ever seen. Def gonna wife her up.
by bcjsiskanks March 18, 2020
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The most GORGEOUS person you will ever meet in your lifetime. When you see her its like out a movie; all time stands still. She will rock your world. She also is a great kisser. She will give you the time of your life. Once you meet this girl dont let her go. She is usually super thick, is a great dancer, and is really good at giving advice.
Guy 1: Have you seen that girl Marguerite?
Guy 2: Have I? She is the baddest bitch out there. Definitely a Marguerite.
by bcjsiskanks March 18, 2020
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The nicest, most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. She has an amazing personality and if you see her it will be love at first site. She makes every guy feel like the most important guy in the world when she is with them. She is extremely smart, athletic, humble, and is very outgoing. She is a small town girl, with very good core values. Also, very good at soccer. If you find a Marguerite, hold onto her forever. She is very compatible with boys named Cameron, and only Cameron's. His family will love her from the moment they meet her. If a Cameron and a Marguerite ever meet, they mustn't ever stray, for they are soul mates. (Most often Marguerite is her middle name)
Boy: Hey who is that extremely gorgeous, athletic, nice girl over there?

Cameron: Her name is Marguerite, but she's with me.
by Obviouslynotcameron August 11, 2013
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A character from the webseries, "The Most Popular Girls in School." She is a student from Overland Park High School with a French accent who claims to be from France, when in fact, she's a fucking bitch from Montreal. She often says, "how do you say", before saying words she clearly knows how to fucking say.
"Saison Marguerite, why do you say 'how do you say' before words you clearly know how to say?!"
by Beyonce's Bottom Bitch March 18, 2013
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Phrase you say after you say something offensive and the other person gets angry.
Person 1: This pie tastes like hell.
Person 2: Well, I'll just buy pies from the store from now on!
Person 1: I was just making a comment, Marguerite.
by cykh June 21, 2011
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