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margue shot out of her mama's womb on April 1st and attacked an ancient civilization.

she enjoys drawing, talking in third person, and making up unreasonable stories and comments. margue also loves long walks on the beach, eating, and using tape to diminish the ant population : she plans on becomming a freelance artist and ruler of the new world by the time she graduates college. margue is currently attending school at an oak tree where she is taught how to gather nuts and berries.

overall, M.P.A.D! loves people and some of their imperfections. she favors the happy, artistic, strange, and enthusiastic species of human but can also tolerate the average person. although normally calm and well behaved margue can lash out and attack if provoked. the best action to take during this situation is to run and apologize later...
"Did you see that margue run by?!?!"
"Margue rendered me biologically unable to sustain life."
"Margue ripped off my arm then proceeded to beat me with it."
by mazhi February 21, 2010
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