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1. to describe someone who will usually set your homepage as something dirty like goatse.

2. to describe someone who has performed autofellatio or has a compulsion to show others their pubic hair.

3. to describe someone who has too much Hentai.
1. "Oh man, i just got marben'd by a marben. I haven't felt this sick in months."

2. "I heard him complaining about a sore back, although i'm pretty sure he is a marben."

3. "You know that marben? Well don't go near his video collection unless you like cartoon bondage."
by console March 25, 2008
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Marben Is usually a very video game obsessed person. He occasionally will go outside if he is in a good mood. He always likes to state facts and enjoys when he is correct. Usually a blacked haired energetic guy. He is kind, but if you do not accept his kindness he will get upset. He is always wearing the same clothes and it is usually loose clothing. He makes jokes at moments of silence and is a book worm at times.
Marben hasn't gone off the T.V all day.
by Dove556 July 21, 2018
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From another planet; one grown in a lab; person who has special powers.
I just saw a UFO! was a Marben.
by Dove556 September 07, 2019
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