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the softest bisexual you know. most likely a skinny dyke and the cutest bean in the world. she may call your guinea pig ugly, but thats okay, because you know she is just jealous that she will never be as sexy as him. may be a whore but thats okay, we love everyone.. she will protect and fight for you and be an all round legend.
you: omg im so soft for that person, they are a total marbear!
me: omg I agree, what a legend!
by crunchylover101 February 22, 2019
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Marbear is a combination tof the name Mary and the animal, bear. It is a nickname used for a person with the playfulness of a bear cub, the love lenses of a teddy bear and the fierce loyalty of a mama bear.
I hope that my friend, Marbear, has a fabulous birthday.
by Patterton February 26, 2019
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mar bear is deathly afraid of bugs.
β€œyeah you know mar bear?.... she’s deathly afraid of bugs.”
by youRmomG September 05, 2019
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