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Marapoints is the most popular currency in the game Marapets. It is abbreviated MP. You earn marapoints easily by playing games on Marapets. The other currencies on Marapets are BP (Baspinar Points) from Baspinar Castle, you get those by using the castle's Tombola and by battling, RP (Restock Points) obtained by buying items with certain rarity from the Main shops and from playing Eleka Tombola, and Dukka (aka Dukka Coin) from Dukka Town which you can only win in scratchcards or buying them off user shops using Marapoints.
I just bought a Coma Berenices with 99 marapoints off the Stars shop, which I can resell in my shop for 3000 marapoints!
by Liliana Pubill September 08, 2007
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