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MapCrunch is a website that leads you to a random place on Google Street view, anywhere in the world.

The existence of this site lead to the invention of the online MapCrunch Game (also known as "airport game" or "MapCrunch Airport Quest"). To participate in the game, you just go to the site (, click "hide location" and press "go", then you start looking for the nearest airport (with as less help as possible), so you can go back home.

The game was invented by the community of Tumblr and caused the website serious server troubles on Feb 19th 2012 because the site hits went up by almost 1500% within 24 hrs.
I spent my whole night on MapCrunch. Apparently Canada doesn't have any airports at all.
by Madita February 21, 2012
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A website that is essentially Google streetview, but you can hide your location and randomize it.

On February 19th, 2012, a post on tumblr introduced the airport game. Hiding your location, the game begins with randomizing your location, then finding an airport to "get back home". Led to the majority of tumblr wandering far corners of the Earth for hours, following random trucks. Screenshots were abound on tumblr of random locations combined with the player's declaration of misery. Occasionally someone managed to find the airport. Such people were revered as gods.
Person 1: What's with all of these airport posts on tumblr?
Person 1: What.
Person 2: Mapcrunch.
Person 1: Still what.
Tumblr user: THE TRUCKS LIE.
by Sherlocked February 29, 2012
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A website that uses a multitude of street map pictures taken in 3D to simulate many different cities, areas, and landmarks all around the world.
"Okay so I decided to play that Mapcrunch game and WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MOTHER FUCKING AIRPORT!?"
by TehBatz February 19, 2012
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The endless search for an airport in a barren foreign land.
Friend: What'd you do over the weekend
Me: Oh I was stuck in Germany searching for an airport in mapcrunch it's all good.
by The Do7t0r February 19, 2012
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