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What a lot of dumbfuck Monty Python fans think is actually a word. (I'm a fan, too, just not a dumbfuck.)

In the Cheese Shop Sketch, one character says to another, "It's staggeringly popular in this manor, squire." But if you google the word "manusquire," you'll see how many dumbfucks think that's what it is. The only references you'll see are where people transcribed the sketch and got the word(s) wrong and ones by other people who have read the first dumbfucks transcriptions and tried to parody the sketch in their lame forum postings, that just showed that they are worse than dumbfucks, they are DERIVITIVE dumbfucks.
Omg, we smart Python fans are going to have to kick the asses of the dumbfuck ones for adding "manusquire," yet another unnecessary word to our lingo.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd July 31, 2007
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