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When feminists can't hold a rational debate, they start forcing guilt on men and shaming them by:
-Twisting what's been said out of context
-Putting words that haven't been said into their mouths
-Saying things that are irrelevant to the point in hand
Or any other technique that revolves around blaming the male in a speculative and/or petty manner.
"I tried to point out to Barbara that her girl-only cake sale was sexist but she started manshaming me for the treatment of women in the Middle East."
by JizzySpunkbubbles November 03, 2013
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The male targeting counter to slut shaming where men are made to feel bad about themselves for having man-thoughts, or saying/doing man-things.
Katie caught her boyfriend Steve on pornhub and manshamed (manshaming) him by telling his mom what a pig he is.
by New_Uzer November 29, 2017
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