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When feminists can't hold a rational debate, they start forcing guilt on men and shaming them by:
-Twisting what's been said out of context
-Putting words that haven't been said into their mouths
-Saying things that are irrelevant to the point in hand
Or any other technique that revolves around blaming the male in a speculative and/or petty manner.
"I tried to point out to Barbara that her girl-only cake sale was sexist but she started manshaming me for the treatment of women in the Middle East."
by JizzySpunkbubbles November 03, 2013
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Verb. Denigrating masculine traits.

Most often used by 3rd wave feminists to bully weak men out of opposing politics that gets them more power and money. The 3rd wave feminists dress this up as "equality".

From analogy with fat shaming.
Man shaming feminist to her girlfriend - "Look at Bob 'taking charge' of the BBQ..."

Bob - "D'you want to eat, ho?"
by loveyourpeople July 06, 2018
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The male targeting counter to slut shaming where men are made to feel bad about themselves for having man-thoughts, or saying/doing man-things.
Katie caught her boyfriend Steve on pornhub and manshamed (manshaming) him by telling his mom what a pig he is.
by New_Uzer November 29, 2017
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