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a challenge where you have people stand completely still while one person films the whole room walking around. When this is posted on the internet, it is put with music. (preferably Black Beatles)
Jimmy did the mannequin challenge with his friends, he posted it online.
by PinkAndGlitterRoblox November 21, 2016
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Apparently the latest trend. If you thought 2016 couldn't get any worse, well here you are. It's basically an act of standing still with a group of people while a person films the whole thing. Later on they upload it with music to the Internet. What you're supposed to accomplish with it, I have no idea about that but if the intention is to look like a complete dumbfuck then you're doing it just right.
Guy1: Let's try the mannequin challenge!
Guy2: Everybody already knows you're a dumbfuck.
by Catastrophe93 December 03, 2016
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Where everyone and everything stands still, except for the person filming.
Hey guys, let's do the new Mannequin Challenge!
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by Apo11o November 27, 2016
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