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feminist financial/economic theory where performative, gendered, and biological men are in control ("patriarchy") have ties to wealth through generations ("patrilineal"), they ultimately make bad choices for the interlinked global economy. This theory is positied against a theory where if women were in the same places of power, the outcome would be optimal, as opposed to global meltdown where earth is almost bankrupt; hence "mankrupt."
Lehman Bros basically mankrupted wall street.
by silanor December 04, 2011
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When a girl has dated all the eligible guys in her area / town / office and none of them worked out, and she has no decent options left, she is totally mankrupt.
"Ruth dated all the hot guys in her office but none of them worked out."
"That's so sad for her! I would hate to be mankrupted like that."
by Queen Ruth December 16, 2009
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