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One of the most strong and independent family they are very confident in them selves this family u will love this family for their pearsonlaity. They are also very atractive. They are often not players and very loyal to their partner. They respect their selves and their body. They will fight for what they think i's right and without giving up. You would not want to mess with this family the members of this family are extremely strong. They may not defend other people when they now it's just a game but if u are not playing and hit someone they love watch out they will defend them and leave you hurt. You always want to be in the good side of this family because if you are not and you have problems with them will I'm sorry for you. Males in this family grow up to being taller than 6'0 foot. Females on the other hand usually grow up to 5'3 - 5'5. Once you get a Mandujano you will never want to leave them. They have one of the most amazing pearsonality's ever. They are caring and want what's best for you. This family is usually Mexican. They may not show that they are strong but trust me they ate stronger than u can imagine especially the quiet once they are stronger than the loud ones. Once you loose a Mandujano you will never get them back. If you have a Mandujano don't let them go because they will be one of the best best friends you'll ever have and they will stay on your mind forever.
The Mandujano family is so fun and strong and caring I hope I never loose them.
by Emilio casillas May 19, 2018
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