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Truely, this is the ultimate word of the English language, if not any and every language ever: MANCORE. HARDER than hardcore. MANLIER than manly. MANCORE. The most macho word a human mouth can ever utter, a human hand can ever pen.
Our Lord Jesus Christ is mancore.
by oreth March 22, 2005
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One step above hardcore. To be truly extreme and/or awesome.
Nigga i popped two chicks at one time, dats mancore, na mean?
by Danger January 25, 2005
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Really rough consensual sex. Hitting, slapping, choking... all that good stuff.
I invited Joe over last night and he totally went mancore on me. That's why I have bruises on my neck and it hurts so much to sit down.
by megajoe August 10, 2011
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Genre of rock music that regards manly qualities, but does so in a white trash fashion. Common lyrical topics include women as second class citizens, possession of facial hair, use of power tools, alcohol, and so on.
Dude! Did you hear Metallica's new album. That's some great f***ing man-core!
by Hoonier January 12, 2011
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