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A male butt that is nice,big,and round. Manbutts come in all types! hairy,beefy,muscular,jiggly,soft,hard,tight,or loose... The Manbutt is mostly enjoyed by gay men who fuck it and/or toss its salad/rim it or just flip it,rub it up,and smack it,slap it, spank it ,and wank over it. Straight women may also enjoy the manbutt.. She may grab onto it and squeeze while having sex.
girl:look at that hot guy over there!

gay guy: girlfriend he is so flat! I need a manbutt.

girl: a manbutt? like a guy with a fat ass that you can squeeze?

gay guy: Yes girl manbutts are so hot!
by sexygayboy July 17, 2009
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Another form of gay, or homosexual. Commonly used as an insult.
You like the man butt often don't you?
by Greg August 28, 2003
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