Similar to but worse than mansplaining, man-sitting is when a man sits silently and listens earnestly when a woman speaks, forcing her to actually say something useful for once so that she doesn't sound like a retard.
Sargon of Akkad was man-sitting Anita so viciously, she had to verbally abuse him to protect herself.
by Kulaktikal July 8, 2017
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When someone is sitting down with their legs spread very far apart, as if they have the largest dick and balls in the world and this is the closest they can bring their legs together.
God damnit, during rush hour the train was full of assholes man-sitting with their legs all up in my space.
by cinterclawz March 21, 2010
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When a group of people sit an unnecessary amount of people on one side of the booth when there is obvious space around the table.
Why dont you come sit on this side of the table so we can be man sitting to watch the game
by Joe tarantino May 11, 2011
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