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A designated section of a single family dwelling in which at least one adult male and one female reside. The adult male occupant exerts complete control over the decor, function, degree of cleanliness, activities permitted, and invited guests within this section of said dwelling.

The man lair is traditionally located in the basement of said dwelling, however this is not a requirement. This space must be at least a 10x12 ft room but often is larger (if you're lucky, MUCH larger).

A space SMALLER than 10x12 cannot be referred to as a man lair. Such a meager space only qualifies as a dude room. Dude rooms are most often found in small houses, townhouses, apartments, and any residence in which the primary female occupant is greedy and unwilling to relinquish control of any real amount of floorspace.

Apart from size, dude rooms and man lairs share the same characteristics.
Joe and his buddies watched some new hott internet porn on his 100 inch projection screen while feasting on cold brews and pepperoni pizza in his man lair.
by srjefe July 23, 2009
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