a young male that dates older woman aka cougar.
Ashton Kutcher is a man cub because he is with Demi Moore(a cougar).
by jen318 July 17, 2008
n. A male who is on their way to becoming a man, but still too young to be considered one. Usually at or between the ages of 10 to 15, give or take a couple years depending on maturity.
My little brother is growing up, but he's still just a man-cub.
by Suzuka December 14, 2009
A male child that does something or resembles a grown man in either action or appearance.
"Look at him in those skinny jeans, he's such a man-cub!"
by SMGD October 13, 2011
"Girls, check that one out. He's like 5'2" but he's a total man cub!"
by Otthild August 13, 2014