adjective to describe a male in his 30s who is still living at home with his mother. A phenomenon common in, but not unique to Ireland..

role model Daniel O'Donnell, Eoin Mc Lovely

my brother he's a real mammy's boy
by Mary D November 23, 2005
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A grown man whose mother favoured him due to his gender resulting in an entitled attitude which they refuse to acknowledge. Used mostly in Ireland
Oh, he's a really mammy's boy. I mean one time he ruined Christmas Dinner and got away with it
by Kingofconnacht June 18, 2022
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The good woman(incolund all Wive by Law...,Oops!!) who teahing "Little Boy"(Inclund all (Soft...,Oops!!)Husband) How to be the "Human Man with Humanity"....
( MXX newspaper for killing the time on train...Oops!!) by "Mammy's Little Boy"
by Mammy's November 8, 2011
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