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a hearty stew consisting of the taxonomy mammailia stuffed, filled, basted, and ingested and filtered throught the digestive track of a whale (preferabbly sperm).
that's some chyaunt ass mammalaya
by Jordan January 20, 2004
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a fine meat dish of meats from around the world. each mammal was eaten by the later to eventually create a stew of 33 animals, which is in the end, just whale shit.

how to make mammalaya:
take one turducken (a pork stuffed game hen stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey) and feed it to a moose. Kill the moose within 20 minutes of ingestion, remove the stomach and liquify the contents. Intravenously feed the liquid to a Deer. Feed the deer to a large group of cows, and then give the full cows to a whale. Wait till the whale shits, collect the excrement and boil for 3 hours. Strain off excess muck and drink.
pass the mammalaya

hey ya'll, the mammalaya is on, grab a spoon.
by justin January 15, 2004
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