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A cocktail drink comprised of Gin and Ginger Ale, Ice and sliced cucumber. Named in honour of Arthur Lowe, the actor who played Captain Mainwaring in the TV show 'Dad's Army' which is still shown on British TV. This cocktail was Arthur Lowe's favourite tipple, especially during an evening get-together with the other members of the cast when they were location filming and all staying in the same hotel.
'What drink would you like?'
'A Mainwaring please, with plenty of sliced cucumber'
by Mike RL September 21, 2017
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One bad motherfucker, who's ancestors helped William the Conqueror take England in 1081. Mainwarings also enjoy good beer, such as imports or good Budweiser products.
The Mainwairng was one bad mother fucker.
by Joe February 17, 2005
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A sexy boy who supports Chelsea FC and has a quality, single mate called Kieran.
"He's pretty cool."
"Yeah man. He's totally a Mainwaring."
"Oh true... I wonder if his mate is still single."
"Yes he is."
by Earl Squirrelsons' son March 08, 2013
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