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A Mahkenzie is a person who you will always want to be around. Once she is in your life, never let her go. She is loyal, funny, smart, amazing, and most of all, she’s bad ass. She will always stick up for you in a time of need and she won’t back down. She can be stubborn and won’t change for anyone. If you’re fighting with her, it’s probably because you did something wrong. She has a hard outer shell, but inside she’s just a big softie. She’s beautiful inside and out.
Mahkenzie is a loyal friend.

I love you Mahkenzie!
by Bad_gurl January 12, 2018
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Mahkenzie is a smart person. She is funny. Smart. Beautiful. And a great friend. Whenever someone’s trying to bring her down she doesn’t let them get in her way. And she will always be there for you. If you think Mahkenzie is a bad person than you are crazy. Cause Mahkenzies one of the best people out there. And if your friends with her you best be hella greatful cause you are so lucky.

:) Thanks for being my best friend Mahkenzie:)
Mahkenzie is the best person you’ll meet
by Kinder_Nana June 28, 2018
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