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Mahila is a girl with big dreams and a strong personality. There ain’t no one like her and she isn’t afraid to fight you if you mess her up. Mess with her, and you are gonna get your ass whooped. She’s loyal and sweet but won’t take shit from people. Anyone is lucky to have Mahila in their life.
‘Boy, I’m gonna get myself a Mahila and she’s gonna beat your ass
by Lilthis December 03, 2017
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The most savage and wild girl you’ll meet. She seems really quiet and simple but if you cross her, with just one look you’ll be on the floor. Mahila is super overprotective and you’ll be blessed to have her in your life. She is hilarious and very talented. But she’s still that savage lion.
If I saw a lion, it would be a Mahila
by Lilthis April 19, 2018
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