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A generic term used to refer to all people from south india, and not just people actually from Madras/Chennai the city.
Guy1: Did you see Rajesh slurping on rice and sambhar with his hands? At one point he was even licking his elbows!
Guy2: Haha yeah, he is a true madrasi.

Guy1: Hey Rajesh, you are such a madrasi.
Rajesh (taking offence): I am actually Gult/Mallu/Kannadiga/Tamil.
Guy1: Nobody cares.
by renseignement November 09, 2017
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Madrasi refers to people originating from Chennai, South India. Chennai was formerly known as Madras when under Colonial Rule. Thus, Madrasi refers to people from this bustling city.
This Madrasi computer skills power la.
by Canla June 13, 2016
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