The epic lead singer of The Black Dahlia Murder. He slays women from horizon to horizon with his devilish good looks and his deep baritone voice. He is agile and has cat-like reflexes that even spiderman is jealous of. Ladys want him, guys want to rock with him, llamas wish they were 1/2 as cool.
Girl: Have you seen that guy with the "Heartburn" tattoo across his stomach?!
Guy: DUH! Thats Trevor Strnad...I'd fuck him...
by pythonfan August 18, 2010
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The most badass and awesome lead singer from the Melodic Death Metal band The Black Dahlia Murder who recently passed away in 2022. You will never be forgotten on how much made the band really special to us Metalheads.
R.I.P. Trevor Strnad, may your wonderful epic soul rest well.
by NepgearAfficionado July 23, 2022
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