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Is a person or species that always has something to say if she doesn’t then she makes things up but her mouth never shut up . Macison’s are also are very wierd creatures they seem to get attach to you once they meet you and it’s impossible to make them skrt skrt away from you because they can’t let you go. Macison’s also think there better than you and think they are good at roasting people but they’re not ! You have to lie to them and say they’re goood or else — you wouldn’t want to know they’ll go nuts oh they also can’t stand fortnite bc they think fortnite are better than them and that they don’t have enough attention... umm obviously tf fortnite is life but overall macison’s are good people and supportive and caring people or creatures or aliens idk - oh and btw they’re real name is Madison but macison sounds way better (:
Me: “Broo I have a Maccison that keeps annoying me and won’t let me play my fortnite”
Other person : “ oh nah reallly ? Me too I have a macison that thinks it’s cute to roast me
by Daddygeoo March 18, 2018
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