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An acronym created by Kendrick Lamar referring to where he grew up. He never told anyone what it meant, however, he revealed that the meaning is mentioned somewhere in his album. The meaning is unveiled at the end of the song, M.A.A.d City.
"Compton, USA. Made me an Angel on Angel Dust." -Kendrick Lamar, m.A.A.d City.
by Maybe It's Me July 19, 2014
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Rapper/Artist Kendrick Lamar defined it as, "My Angels on Angel Dust". Meaning that in the hood you're best friends and past friends are rather dead or on drugs.
good kid m.A.A.d city is the best album of 2012
by ThAreAlKendrickLAmAr March 26, 2013
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An acronym created by Kendrick Lamar for the title of his album ‘good kid m.A.A.d city’ and a song in the album ‘m.A.A.d city’. It stands for both ‘my angel on angel’s dust’ (mentioned near the end of m.A.A.d city) and my angry adolescence divided’.
m.A.A.d city is lit af
by 69d.A.A.n69 May 27, 2018
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A boy’s name of arabic origin, meaning fully prepared to take an action.

Maad is an intelligent, open-minded person, a bookworm; usually of the type to read a book he liked a million-hundred-trillion times. He’s got the the purest and most delicate heart in the world, a heart thats capable of giving so much love. As a friend, Maad is helpful, reliable, and trustworthy. He’ll always be there to listen and help you through your problems. You can always count on a Maad!

Maad is the sort of person who’s good at everything he does, i. e. your mouth will start drooling and other areas too when you see him play an instrument. He does it with so much passion and love that you’d wish to be an instrument held by his hands. Maad is the definition of sexy, you cannot resist a Maad, you’ll want his eyes all over you and his hands touching you.

As a lover, Maad will give you the world, and if not then his all. When you have a Maad, you cannot help but fall in love with every part of him. You’re lucky if you have a Maad.
Woah his musical piece is so mesmerizing. He’s such a Maad!
by hakuna matata batata May 25, 2019
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Mad (alternate spelling: maad, maaad) - mæd - adj/n

meaning: 1) (adj) Very

2) (n) A large quantity of
Used amongst teenagers/young people of urban/suburban background
1). There are maaad people in this room. there are many many people in this room
2). He was maad concerned that I didn't show up. He was very concerned that I didn't show up
3). I was mad confused when I saw that there were mad birds surrounding me.

I was very confused when I saw that there were many birds surrounding me.
by LuigiFbaby November 30, 2010
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Sex god, but a small dick, big round tummy that seduces all the women in the world, future millionaire due to heritage
Robert: seen maad?
Maad: yes i here
by Robertocarlitovamonis July 28, 2018
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