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Lyteah is an amazing person who loves to make people happy. She has loads of hair. Lyteah is one to adore sharks, and will do absolutely anything for them. She has heaps of friends, or she hopes they are her friends. She loves to play netball. She is extremely tall, in height and in personality, everyone loves her because she is so beautiful. Without Lyteah, this world will come to an end. Quee is often a little nick name people like to call a Lyteah, which is unique and a name that a Lyteah should cherish for the rest of her life. Aaron C is a Lyteahs main man, and he will be forever. Lyteah is one we should all watch out for, always.
Die shark, die, 'NO' says Lyteah
by Luke1188 September 16, 2013
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