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possibly the greatest high school on the face of the planet. located in western springs, IL and lagrange, IL many of those who attend are brought up in well-off households and families. This provides the students with a false sense of security, but whtevessssss its still a beast school. peace love great american bagel. chipotle gives the seniors free burritos. anddd theres two campuses. :
'dude did u see lyons township high school in the bball game last night??'
'totes man they dominatedddd. oh and they also won state for soccer?? how cool are they?'
'i wish i was as cool as LT. too bad i go to central.'
'i love coach dry'
'yea LT is as beast as tits and jizz combined'
by COOLEST PERSON EVER 29121 April 22, 2010
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A white trash high school in Western Springs. Not only do they have two campuses because they have so much crime, they have 20 police officers patrolling the schools. Be aware at football games against LT, because LT students will bring knives and stab you. There rivals, hinsdale central, wins almost every football game that they play each other in. Hinsdale Central also wears white trash bags to remind LT that they are and will forever be white trash.
Eww, look at that white trash loser over there." "She must go to lyons township high school.
by asddfgchf January 23, 2011
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