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A commonly used abbreviation when chatting on any online instant messaging server for purposes of substituting your laughter when your mouth is chock full of food, specifically steak.
SasquatchX (9:14:15 AM): Dude, i so had a puzzelucination the other day.
HrdrBtrFstrStngr (9:15:01 AM): lwealos
SasquatchX (9:15:58 AM): whoa, what are you at dinner
SasquatchX (9:15:58 AM): you just said you're laughing while eating a load of steak...
HrdrBtrFstrStngr went away at 9:27:08 PM.
SasquatchX (9:30:12 AM): ok...
Auto Response from HrdrBtrFstrStngr (9:30:13 AM): I'm at dinner at Outback, txt me!
by A Breed of Sushi February 06, 2008
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