A lunk head is (usually male) someone who lacks creativity, is very slow on the uptake on understanding situations, is not well read or well informed politically or intellectually, is most likely barely literate, has not desire to educate themselves, no intellectual activity, has no ability to plan for the future, and has very little perception skills, if they do read anything, it is usually a low level tabloid newspaper, has no hobbies outside of watching televison. Possibly half the male population fits this category. Often overweight.
A subway worker in New York City named Mike, a barely literate, uneducated, very very slow mentally, proudly claims that "he hates to read", but will read the sports section in the New York Post. Has no concept or interest in politics, foreign affairs, science, hobbies, social customs, no interest in travelling abroad, proudly claims that he "has no need for a passport" Only goal in life is to retire with a pension. No desire to own property, often breaks telephones due to spending his entire 8 hour shift talkin to other lunk heads.
by SAMMY SMITH July 15, 2006
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This is the guy that sits in front of you in a movie theater with a head so big that you can't see the movie screen.
Every time I go to the movies, I always seem to sit behind some Lunk Head that blocks my view of the screen.
by Mojo Maniac July 11, 2008
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Calling someone a Retard!! insulting sumone very badley and in a very rude way!!
Hey shutup and stop being a Lunk-Head, there is a limit to everything.
by Zubayr Karamat April 12, 2006
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