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lumberjackolicious (adj.): A guy with just enough facial hair to resemble Paul Bunyan, and the body of Channing Tatum. He's smart, funny, knows his way around a chainsaw, and can throw you over his shoulder to outrun a forest fire. His favorite food is wet, juicy steak, and he drinks moonshine out of a Mason jar. But his most attractive talent is when he rubs his girlfriend's back when she's puking after an all-night bender.
Most likely seen in a muddy Subaru, because he has a soft side for the environment and bunnies.
The new guy upstairs just brought me a bunny he whittled out of a piece of his wooden leg. He's so lumberjackolicious.

Hot Dave shaved a silhouette of my bosoms in his chest. His lumberjackolicious acts of love make me quiver.
by HJ4H January 12, 2015
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