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A person that has no morals, decency or discretion, making him or her the lowest of the low.
I can't believe that Rex is such a lowlife scumbag.
by mander223 November 28, 2011
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After mooching most of your life
1. You trick your aged mother-in-law into giving you power of attorney
2. You then sell her house, liquidate her assets and rip her off
3. You never tell her daughter or her husband

(Who fronted $100,000 of repairs to the house after it caught fire and are still owed money)

5. You take the insurance funds! And when they find out, go nuts, you make sure Elder Abuse is called.

6. You refuse to answer their calls because you delight in seeing them ruined.
Ellie: I'm not a scumbag! When that house caught fire, I let that old bag live with us!
Daughter: Yes- you're not a scumbag. You did let her live with you- in your basement AND collected 17,000 from the insurance company... So, in reality you are a LOWLIFE scumbag.
by Mia Martinelli April 15, 2016
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