Low Low Batty,Realy Low Pants
When I Jump On The Trampoline (bouncey castle) With My Low Batty, I Get A Low Low Batty
by Bellexteeth July 11, 2010
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a dance often used by red-heads at concerts, dance clubs,ect.
dude check that guy out breakin down the low-low rackley
by gotuagain1321 January 12, 2010
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Slang for a Maybach. A very expensive and luxurious (sports) car. Various rappers will refer to their Maybach by saying Low Low.
And Maybach is pronounced "my-bock"
When Weezy left Rikers in November he hopped in a Low Low and peaced the F*ck out.
by ThinkCritically March 9, 2012
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Heavy Heavy Low Low is a five piece band from San Jose, California. Forming in early 2004, the band started as more of a screamo unit before adopting their current style. Their music incorporates several elements from grindcore, such as blast beats, chaotic song structures, and shorter than average song lengths (a typical live set of about 10-12 songs lasts about 20 minutes). Heavy Heavy Low Low gained notoriety largely through word of mouth, internet hype and extensive touring. Their debut release "Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching", an eleven song session of metal/thrash/hardcore/grindcore recordings, was released on New Weathermen records, an imprint of Ferret, in September of 2006.

Heavy Heavy Low Low gained underground fame with their first album Courtside Seats To The Greatest Fuck Of All Time, which features their first single "Inhalent Abuse Is Illegal And Can Be Fatal." They expanded their fame with the release of their "Fuck It" EP, which features their most well known song "Tell Shannon Her Crafts Are Ready." With the release of their third installment "Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching" they have toned down their distinctly grindcore/expreimental roots. The screams and growls are still there but are supplemented by the singer almost talking. They are currently signed with Ferret Records.

so basically kids, they're the best fucking san jose based band ever!
you:what do you wanna listen to?
me:heavy heavy low low dumbass, what do you think?
you:why? they're all grindcore and shit.
me:fuck you, i'm leaving!
by FightTheBattleWinTheWar April 20, 2007
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low low, referring to low riders, is associated with gangsters. So, Low low style is basically when something is done in the most gangster way possible.
Person 1: "Did you see that video of that skateboarder on Insta?"
Person 2: "Yeah Bro, He did that low low style"
by Prince Wilford Of Bosnia November 5, 2017
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The abbreviation of "Allow it Brev", a cheeky low-low refers to asking for someone's vapour device and/or the spliffage.
Spastic 1 - "Yo wys bro"
Spastic 2 - *pinches index and thumb together* "Cheeky low-low"
by VaccSumm March 20, 2023
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