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Lovena is smart beautiful girl who is bad in class and gets in trouble a lot but it is really smart when she tries. Lovena is somebody who will go through hell for her friends. Don’t talk crap about her friends because watch your back she’s coming. Anyways, she is a very funny person and will definitely make you shed a tear if laughter. She is s person you can ALWAYS come to if you need to talk and keep a secret or just talk about some problems. But overall if you have a Lovena in your life never let her go.
“Bro, did you see lovena kick that guys ass for talking about her bff
by Daniel Seavey’s wife May 18, 2018
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A very beautiful girl who's surprisingly mature for her age. Can be stubborn at times but deep down she's a very carring person. Any guy would be lucky to have a girl like her.
Wow, Lovena you're so amazing. I can't believe you've been such a wonderful girlfriend to me.
by Dariuslildarrell May 19, 2018
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