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The love grip is an extremely powerful and rare sex move practiced only by versatile and agile sexual fiends. Often compared to the tactics of boa constructer in the open, the love grip is strong and creates a tight handle on both participants. The woman lies on her side while the man wraps around her in a specific position. He wraps his outside leg over her hip while interlocking her outside arm around his neck with hers and the two essentially become inseparable. Meanwhile the man goes to town on the girls coin slot and goes for gold. Usually you need to have gatorade prime, preform and recover because chances are, you and every other person in the room is going to need to refuel after this one. it was surprisingly invented by the amish who are extremely passionate in their home sewn sheets once the oil lamps go out and the stockings come off. Bringing snacks is also a good idea, but when isn't bringing snacks a goos idea?
Elsa: I got the love grip from a slightly overweight trucker yesterday

Gretchen: wow you must have been feeling ambitious

Elsa: undoubtedly the most profound experience I have ever had in a motel 6
by Hike Flanders April 26, 2014
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