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The vomit a woman expels while orally copulating a man's penis. Normally an accidental occurrence, love chunks are commonly brought about by a deep insertion of the penis into the throat. Excessive depths can initiate the body's gag reflex, pushing whatever contents in the stomach up the esophagus, to the mouth for immediate ejection.
Nicholas pressed his penis too deep into Dee Dee's throat, causing her to spew love chunks onto his groin.
by PerverseWriter October 26, 2004
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An attractive person, usually male, and often aging.
Similar to lustbucket, spunkrat.
What do you think of the librarian from Buffy?
Giles is such a lovechunks!
by Specimen Sample January 02, 2007
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a slang term used to describe a cutie who is also a fatty. he/she is cute AND fat. confident AND fat. sexy AND fat.
"Dang bruh! you see that love chunks? I'd hit that!" or "Your my love chunks, deal with it!" or "That girl has some serious swag" "who?" " Girl, that love chunks over there!"
by CarmellaDiamond July 24, 2017
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