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a drinking game in whick you take a wiffle ball bat, cut the end with no little whole on it, fill it with beer. You drink the beer while fellow bro's count how long it takes. You then spin however many circles it takes you to drink, then attempt to hit the can used to fill the bat while it is thrown by one of the bros.
man i punished a louisville chugger but almost fell
by k stud December 05, 2007
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Louisville Chugger: A drinking game where you get a plastic whiffle-ball bat, cut off the end of the handle, and then fill the empty bat with a full can of beer. You then start to chug while your friends count. However long it takes you to chug is how many times you have to spin around the bat. Once done chugging, you put the bat on the ground and put your head to it and spin while your friends start counting again. Once you hit the final rotation, you look up and one of your friends throws the empty beer can at you. You have 2 chances to hit the can otherwise you have to do it again.

My friends and I made an additional rule: If you catch the can that has been hit, you get to pick the next batter/chugger.
My bro totally biffed tryin' to hit that can in Louisville Chugger
by roflcopterTOTHEMAX November 12, 2010
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