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A loser, loner, retarded, freak. Someone who is basically a dork. A misfit. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Most loonertarks pride themselves on having this weird, unique, silly, out-of-the-ordinary type of personality. Though some might think loonertarks to be quite odd, others admire the fact that they arent xerox copies of societies norm. With that said, loonertarks can often befriend other loonertarks and so on.
Jeez, I am such a loonertark... lol I just waved to a complete stranger, I coulda swarn that she was that one girl from math class, but then I realised it wasnt her. haha

You're a loonertark, that's why I like you. You know who you are and you embrace the fact that your different.

We are so creative! Only a loonertark would think of that! *Woot!*
by beeeeeerrrrrrrrrrfarts October 03, 2010
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