A YouTube video made in 2004 that shows a creepy animation but has a badass beat to it
Have you seen “Look at the monkey”?

Yeah man that shits fuckin creepy
by schlemmy August 11, 2019
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In august 2019 a Youtube channel uploads a british man starts making fun of a gorilla in the Steam game called Ark, he ends up destroying his camera and himself because the gorilla was pissed
Hey look at this monkey

ooga booga ooga booga ooga booga x3

(Camera gets freaking destroyed by the gorilla)
by 88k3 November 05, 2020
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The phrase is from the TV-show "South Park" and the so-called "Chewbacca defense".
Ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, you must now decide whether or not to reverse the decision for my client, Chef. I know he seems guilty, but ladies and gentlemen...

This ... is Chewbacca. Now think about that for one minute - that does not make sense. Why am I talking about Chewbacca when a man's life is on the line? Why? I'll tell you why: I don't know. It doesn't make sense. If Chewbacca does not make sense, you must acquit! Here, look at the monkey. Look at the silly monkey!
by Springborg June 25, 2008
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This expression was said by Howard Cosell during a 1972 televised ABC broadcast on July 29, 1972 in reference to Mike Adamle, a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs in the preseason AFC-NFC "Hall of Fame" game between the Chiefs vs. New York Giants at Fawcett Stadium.

Until the appearance of the factual website about it, people mistakenly associated this sentence with a different football game in 1983. On September 5, 1983, during the season opening Monday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins, Howard Cosell made a second comment using the words "little monkey." In that game, Redskins wide receiver Alvin Garrett was playing a great game, and following Garrett's 6th pass reception while still in the first quarter, Howard Cosell commented to Don Meredith, "Joe Gibbs wanted to get this kid and that little monkey gets loose doesn't he?"
When a smaller physical stature NFL football player would run and dart around after getting his hands on the ball, Cosell would like to say "Look at that little monkey run!" It didn't matter if it was a white or black player.
by NFL Researcher May 29, 2011
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