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Long Dick Style is a method of intercourse where the rhythm is slow but deep and thorough. It is most effective with a long penis (preferably 8 inches or more). The penis is inserted into the vagina all the way in using a slow, smooth stroke. You pull out slowly as well right until the head of the penis is about to fall out and then you sink back in slow. Rinse, repeat. This allows the female to feel every inch of your long dick. It also increases effectiveness by rotating your hips and doing a "stir the coffee" motion with your stroke. Long dicking is only possible when the man is in a dominant position where he can control the stroke: missionary, doggie, or lazybone (sideways). Playing R&B and matching your stroke to the bass line of the song also increases effectiveness. Be aware of the side effects though. While long dicking a woman can greatly increase your chances of getting breakfast in the morning, it can also take your relationship to a whole other level that you may not want to take it.
I finally got to pipe this new girl I met. I hit it from the back..long dick style.
by G19G26 May 18, 2016
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