when someone takes a improvised short cut and it ends up taking longer than going the original way.
nina- wow you are SO late

amanda- we would have been here sooner, but cassie took a long-cut
by sam_facts :) September 22, 2009
Kentucky long cut the act of packing chewing tobacco into your penis. When receiving oral sex you will ejaculate cum soaked chewing tobacco into your lovers mouth.
I was getting head and I pulled a Kentucky Long cut.

Nothing better than the taste of his Kentucky long cut.

I got the greatest buzz from his Kentucky long cut.
by Tg6969 May 16, 2019
the line from the song hustlin from rick ross meanin how big he cuts the crack, because crack comes in blocks from bricks
rick ross be like i cut em wide i cut em long i cut em fat because that's how he cuts the crack
by how high October 16, 2007